2h private photography class


Two hours dedicated to your specific photographic needs.

Two hour walking and shooting pictures through the historical center of Paris.

Shootings take place in the center of Paris, a first meeting will be specified on your order recap. If you need to reschedule the time to your convinience we will do it by email.

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During thoses two hours you will learn how to use different tools of your camera and reach a better technical quality in your pictures. You will experiment different shooting exercises that will help you to know your camera better and also practice shapes and light composition.
For example:
Why would you rather change the sensitivity of the sensor manually? When should you use which automatic exposure? How should you use cleverly the white balance? Which focus options do you get on your camera and when to choose which?

But we will first set a specific program based on your needs technical and composition wise.

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2h private photography class